Florida Teleprompter

Live Events

While most people are familiar with teleprompters used by presidents and public figures, our cutting-edge teleprompting solutions go far beyond the traditional setup. At Florida Teleprompter, we leverage the latest teleprompting technology to ensure your speakers deliver their messages with confidence and professionalism.

Our state-of-the-art teleprompting rigs feature high-resolution monitors and precision-engineered beam-splitter glass mirrors, providing a seamless and unobtrusive experience for your speakers. With our equipment, they can maintain natural eye contact with the audience while effortlessly following the scrolling text, appearing completely memorized and in command of the material. This powerful combination allows for a polished and engaging delivery, elevating the impact of your events and presentations.

Video & Media

At Florida Teleprompter, we provide cutting-edge camera-mounted teleprompting solutions to meet the demands of the most challenging video productions. Our systems feature industry-leading beamsplitter glasses with proprietary coatings available in 70:30 and 60:40 configurations. The 70:30 beamsplitters reflect 70% of the prompter image while allowing 30% of the camera’s image to pass through for a balanced view. The 60:40 option provides an even brighter prompter display making it ideal for bright outdoor conditions. Our beamsplitters ensure your talent can read scripts seamlessly while maintaining natural eye contact with the camera lens.

For dynamic shots requiring greater camera mobility, our jib-mounted lightweight high-bright teleprompters are the perfect solution. These compact yet powerful units can be easily rigged onto jib arms, cranes, and other camera support systems. The ultra-bright displays cut through even the most intense lighting situations. Paired with our robust prompter scripting software with advanced encoder technology, these systems allow for smooth seamless scrolling during intricate camera moves and multi-camera live broadcasts. With Florida Teleprompter’s premium teleprompting products, you can elevate your production values and give your talent the seamless operating experience they deserve.