Starlyf Copper Pan @ Epicurean Theatre.

Food infomercial shoots are the best! Always great leftovers. The Epicurean Theatre is located on Howard Ave. in gorgeous Hyde Park Tampa. This venue was built as a culinary classroom, and hosts some major game chefs. I am always excited and thankful to work with new production companies, and Surging Media has made me feel right at home in our first shoot together.

Production crew here early and hard at work. 

Production crew here early and hard at work. 

Medi-Weightloss Hyde Park Home

A lovely home in Hyde Park Tampa hosted today’s video shoot for Medi-Weightloss. Just blocks from Bayshore Blvd and downtown Tampa. Space was limited and the crew was full so it made things a bit difficult, but everything was a success. Here’s a picture I took from the only spot I found available in the room…


LIMU Video En Espanol!

I joke that the only Spanish I know is “menu Spanish”, because of my love for good Cuban and Spanish food. Roll your R’s and stretch your tongue if you want to speak this language properly! But one of the more challenging parts of this shoot was keeping up with the script in a language that I don’t speak, especially with a well spoken, Cuban born talent like Freddy Melero. No worries. Being born and raised in Florida has helped me pick up at least the inflections of the language enough to do the job properly- just don’t ask me to scroll a Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Thai script.

Oooh Yeah Brother!

The Hulk knows muscle. I know teleprompting. When CMT’s Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling decided to shoot promo clips for the show here in sunny Tampa, Hulk  called in his favorite prompter to help him through the scripts. One of the best parts of this job is creating a sometimes brief relationship with wrestlers, actors, politicians and the like. I wonder who I’ll work with next.

An Officer And A Gentleman

One of my childhood heroes and me in between takesOne of my childhood heroes and me in between takes. One of my all time favorite and influential movie actors when I was a kid was David Keith. I had the privilege to teleprompt for him during a Wounded Warriors commercial shoot that shot in Tampa at MacDill AFB and Hyde Park. Very pleasant guy and down to earth.